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Cooking Up A Kitchen Remodel

Brad + Josh admitted to never using one of the largest spaces in their home, the kitchen. The original 1970’s design was intact aside from newly installed granite counter tops. Aside from being unappealing and out-dated, there were several functional problems with the kitchen as well. Considering a conservative budget, our goal was to create a new, more functional kitchen which harmoniously incorporated the personal style and wishes of the clients without overspending the neighborhood.

Later, we helped our clients to create a cozy guest room for their out of town guests. The whole project was completed within three days including painting, lighting and all furnishings.



    BEFORE:  The original kitchen had limited storage due to the numerous but tiny drawers. Additionally, the upper cabinets were small and installed very low above the counters. Generic materials and an ineffective lighting scheme needed major improvements.


    AFTER: Taller custom upper cabinets were added while the base cabinets were retrofitted with new drawers and door fronts. The center island was replaced with a larger and more interesting workspace. Overhead new custom lighting accents the new flooring, backsplash and custom paint job.