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Marvelous Modern Make-Ready

Working on a modern residence is fun and a great challenge. Often modern homes have minimalist details which require extra attention when preparing them for sale. Even the slightest flaw becomes a focal point.  We were brought onto this fantastic property with two directives.  The First was to get the property into like-new condition. Secondly, we were asked to find ways to soften the feel of the property in order to make it more appealing to more potential customers.

Every aspect of the property was touched. From the landscaping to the entire house paint color, through to the final cleaning and art hanging. Additionally, we helped the owners with a few interior design projects  such as upholstery, bedding, organization and minimal furnishings and rugs.

More information including before and after photos are included in the sections below.




    BEFORE:  The entire 6000+ sq.ft. house was repainted. To do so, all artwork and valuables were stored off-site and furniture was carefully wrapped.


    BEFORE: Significant portions of the exterior landscaping needed attention. Together with the landscaper, we selected and oversaw landscaping simplification which included new shrubs and decorative planters.


    BEFORE: An example of a new planter. The water features were replanted, and beds throughout the property were entirely replanted with new selections.


    AFTER: The results of new plantings and simplification of landscaping.



    BEFORE:  Much of the structure’s exterior is Ipe. This wood required re-staining. The tree had sun damaged lighting which put out inadequate lighting and created visual clutter. The outdoor furniture and sun decks needed new upholstery and pillows.  The existing planters were too small and lacked irrigation. Additionally, the great room had large drapery which blocked most of the view.


    AFTER: We restrained the Ipe, purchased large contemporary planters, rearranged the furniture installed all new custom upholstery. Replacing the heavy drapery with energy efficient hide-away roller shades enlarged the view and increased the homes dramatic presence.



    BEFORE: The great room had bulky drapery which blocked most of the exterior view. Furthermore, the drapes made the room feel enclosed and small. The furnishings needed something to help them feel more casual and up-to-date. The large display cabinets (not shown) needed accessories appropriate for the scale of the room.


    AFTER: Without the drapery, the spectacular view is exposed. New pillows and accessories give the room a more relaxed styling.



    BEFORE: The sheers and drapery blocked much of the view even when opened. The existing linens were not complimenting the architecture.


    AFTER: The sheers were removed and the drapery was reconfigured to expose more outside views. New custom linens and accent pillows make the room more polished and inviting. A larger painting over the bed accentuates the high ceilings.


    BEFORE: The bathroom clutter was diminishing the modern architecture. Outside, the private garden needed organization and a focal point.


    AFTER: The bathroom was cleared of clutter and the accessories simplified. Outside, the landscaping was removed, gravel was added to fill the garden and two giant figs were added as focal points.



    BEFORE: The kid’s play space didn’t feel very playful. It needed organization but more importantly, it needed  an injection of fun.


    AFTER: A new paint color is still sleek and modern, but is more relaxed and inviting. A custom rug and the custom wallpaper in the nursery add much needed color and pattern. The playroom shelves were organized and a new play table is a great place for creativity while the giant cushions are fun for playing, lounging or reading.



    BEFORE: The unfinished guest room  lacked functionality and warmth. The two paintings were too large for the space.


    After: A smaler painting and ceramic birds replaced the two dueling paintings. Bedside tables and large lamps provide function and help to make the room more inviting. Small adjustments to the linens and a new velvet pillow soften the modern bedding.